Ruby in Hollywood + General Assembly

Last night, Ruby in Hollywood held a special event in conjunction with the General Assembly Alumni Guild.


We had a great mix of aspiring and current Rubyists, along with a good representation of General Assembly Grads from Cohort 9. We kicked off the evening with pizza and beer, and some good conversation.


Using Docker in Production for Fun and Profit

Rob Wilkinson

Next up, Rob Wilkinson, CTO of gave a fantastic presentation about using Docker. He explained that it’s a great way to manage deployment of apps as a team. He walked us through deployment, management, and setting up a Dockerfile.


Everybody Get Flexy!

Rouzbeh Sarrafieh


Rouzbeh repped front-end devs with a well-paced introduction to Flexbox. He showed us all of the benefits flexbox affords without relying on css frameworks.



HTTP in Rubyland

Shannon Skipper

Then Shannon Skipper, Lead Engineer at The Industry, took the stage. He walked us through the difference between various rack webservers and made a convincing argument for using Roda for a ruby framework that is quick, light, and handles requests efficiently.



React + Rails

Stephanie Wilkinson

Lastly, yours truly rounded out the evening with a talk on Reactjs, specifically, how to integrate it into a Rails app.



Check out some pictures from the event.


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