Stephanie Wilkinson

Engineering leadership

Stephanie Wilkinson lives in Oregon and specializes in product & engineering leadership in the education space. Her passion is using code to solve problems for people, and she loves learning new tools and increasing impact.


In 2009, Stephanie began writing code for schools at a small arts charter school in Washington DC for kids with IEPs. She honed her programming skills over the years, specializing in Ruby in the early years. She built out an engineering team in 2014 to expand her impact building critical software for schools. With that team, she sold the app they built to other accrediting organizations.


These days, you can find Stephanie directing the engineering department at the National Association of Independent Schools. Her teams build apps for member schools, and build the platforms and tools used by the NAIS staff. The stack includes Elixir/Phoenix, Ember.js, and Ruby/Roda.


Otherwise, you’ll find her building Duplo trains with her daughter Andromeda, hiking in the Siskiyou mountains, or working on open source projects.


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