Stephanie Wilkinson

Stephanie Wilkinson

Hi! I'm Stephanie Wilkinson. I live in Los Angeles and have built software for schools since 2009.

Open Source Projects

Yonderbook | Ruby/Rack Appmore_vert

Yonderbook for bookworms. It has you sign in with your Goodreads shelves, copies your bookshelves, and finds libraries where those books are available.

Concert Match | MEAN Stackmore_vert
Concert Matchclose

Concert Match is a MEAN stack app that you can use by logging in with Spotify and it will show you concerts of your favorite bands coming up near your location. It uses both the Spotify and Bandsintown API.

Bodytemp | Mobile Appmore_vert

A mobile app for Android and iOS built on the Ionic Angular framework.

Deployed on Firebase for the eventual transition to multiplatform.

Abalone | JavaScript Webappmore_vert

A playable, in-browser version of the strategy game Abalone.

Abalone is a challenging game of strategy that for two players. Each take turns moving marbles around the board, with the objective to remove other player's marbles.

Deployed on firebase for multi-player enjoyment using firebase dB. You can play with anyone online if you both visit the hosted version on firebase, since it has a firebase dB backend.

Community & Volunteer Work

Ruby in Hollywood Members
Ruby in Hollywood

Ruby in Hollywood is a weekly hack night for programmers of all stripes. We don't always do Ruby, and we don't always meet in Hollywood, but we always share and learn from each other.

Our Meetup Group

Railsgirls' aim is to give tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas. We do this by providing a great experience on building things and by making technology more approachable.

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Vanderbilt University

Leveraging Market View for Independent School Admissions

July 2019

Market View was featured in the Peabody Graduate School's admissions program, and I presented to the graduate students.

Ruby in Hollywood

React + Rails

July 2016

Integrating the React front-end Javascript framework within a Rails app environment.

Rocky Mountain Ruby

The Ruby Standard Library

September 2014

Summarizing my time as a Fellow at Pivotal Labs working with the Ruby Standard Library.